Breakfast & Lunch Menu

In by The Old Factory

    • Breakfast

      Who wants to wake up and cook when you can wake up and eat? That’s why we start making breakfast at 7AM six days a week. So that your day can start awesome—without any extra work.

    • Sioux County Breakfast

      Sioux County Breakfast

      Choose either a burrito or sandwich stacked and stuffed almost entirely with local ingredients.

    • The Gaston

      The Gaston

      You may not be especially good at expectorating, but this hearty breakfast is good way to stay as slick and as quick as Gaston. — 4 eggs, 2 slices of bacon.

    • Saturday Morning Special

      Saturday Morning Special

      We're always coming up with new and exciting ideas for our special breakfasts on Saturday mornings. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory. Check back weekly to see what this weekend's selection is gonna be!

    • Granola Bowl

      Granola Bowl

      Housemade Granola w/ your choice of fruit in a bowl with Half & Half.  Fruit options listed below.

      *contains nuts

    • Yogurt & Granola

      Yogurt & Granola

      Our housemade granola mixed with fresh yogurt. Add fruit for a dollar (blueberries, peaches, raspberries, or strawberries).

      *contains nuts

    • Oatmeal


      A hot bowl of oatmeal, served with brown sugar and cinnamon. Add fruit for a dollar (blueberries, peaches, raspberries, or strawberries).

    • Bagel & Cream Cheese

      Bagel & Cream Cheese

      Choose one of our Plain, Blueberry, Tomato & Herb, or Everything Bagels!

    • Dos Tacos

      Dos Tacos

      Two tacos, filled with chorizo, eggs, queso fresco and cilantro —oh, and this sucka is gluten-free.  High fives all around.

    • à La Carte

      à La Carte

      Hey, we get it.  Everybody craves something different in the morning.  Tell us what you want on a plate and we’ll put on a plate—its that simple.

      BACON (two slices) $1.50
      COUNTRY BACON $1.50
      SAUSAGE PATTY $1.50
      EGG (Over Easy*, Over Hard, or Scrambled) $0.75
      TOAST (Wheat or Sour Dough) $0.75

      *Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

    • Lunch

      It's the middle of the day, and that means it's time for a hearty, healthy lunch. From soup to sandwiches, we have something for everyone. Some items are seasonal. All sandwiches come with chips and a pickle

    • Royale w/ Cheese

      Royale w/ Cheese

      Sometimes adults want kid food even when they’re wearing fancy pants.  Tomato and Garlic Cheddar Cheese and Cream Cheese melted between two pieces of bread.

    • BBLT


      Basil, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. 

      **Changes seasonally

    • Garden Salad

      Garden Salad

      A fresh bowl of mixed greens and vegetables with your choice of dressing.

    • Weekly Soup

      Weekly Soup

      Our soups are always made from the freshest ingredients, locally when available, and always cooked in house.  Available in cups or bowls.  Call or check online for this week’s soup.

    • Build Your Own Sandwich

      Build Your Own Sandwich

      We're stocked with some of the freshest ingredients in the area, and we'll leave it to you to make the sandwich of your dreams.

      Bread: Wheat, Sour Dough, Croissant, Tomato & Herb Bagel
      Meat: Ham or Turkey
      Cheese: Cheddar, Pepper Cheddar, Smoked Colby
      Condiments: Mayonaise, Mustard, Spicy Mustard, Sriracha
      Add-On's: Tomato, Spinach

    • PB&J


      Natural Peanut Butter with your choice of Jelly on Wheat or Sour Dough

    • Egg Salad

      Egg Salad

      Creamy egg salad made in house with local eggs—on your choice of bread

    • THS


      Sliced Tomatoes, Old Factory Hummus, and Spinach on your choice of bread.