Every Last Saturday of the Month through April 2016!
What you need to know: Live Music | FREE ADMISSION | Brought to you by The Old Factory Coffee Shop, The Gilchrist Foundation, and The Orange City Arts Council

LIVE! at the Old Factory

  • Live at the Old Factory features musicians that live in Iowa and are active contributors to their communities. We sincerely believe our musicians have important and legitimate contributions to make to the issues our communities, state, region, and country wrestle with every day.
  • Grant Wood wrote of the “rich funds of creative material” that Iowa holds in her landscape. It is within this uniquely Iowan landscape and culture that we find our own sound and poetry. Live at the Old Factory amplifies the very voice of Iowa—an eclectic song as diverse as a native prairie.
This concert series will expose our region to the cultural, artistic voices that are rooted in the Iowa landscape and way of life. 

The Artists


Part Dad / Part Outlaw Cowboy, Josh Davis slings songs like steel spit in a crackiling fire. His music will draw you into the dark beauty of a life lived, and remind you of all the slivers of light we cling to for hope and guidance.

For more information about Josh Davis:

Josh Davis


RAYGUN describes them as “Radiohead for Coldplay fans”. The Examiner called them “the best band you’ve never heard of.”
We think they’re possibly the coolest thing in Iowa since frozen butter. You don’t want to miss this show.

For more information about The Envy Corps:
The Envy Corps


I have no value I can sell
I barely saved my soul from hell
I just have a story I’d like to tell
Can I share it with you?

Devon Cadwell


Orange City-based The Usual Suspects serve up their own unique brand of acoustic laced roots rock combining the contrasting compositions of singer-songwriters Joel Westerholm and John Hubers. Always a crowd favorite at the Old Factory!


“When asked why the band named themselves Holy White Hounds, Dean quickly responded with, “We’re dirty but we’re not unclean. We’re mangy but you’d still let us sleep in your bed.” Their music honors that proverb.”

For more about Holy White Hounds:
Holy White Hounds


Field Division is a Des Moines based folkwave duo whose songs explore the line where dreams and reality blur, where sound waves and stories intertwine. The rich and hauntingly beautiful music created by Evelyn Taylor and Nicholas Frampton, is a blend of classic songwriting (think 60s/70s folk rock vibes) and modern dream pop.

For more information about Field Division:

Field Division


Composed of producer Aeon Grey, word-pusher Asphate Woodhavet, and Dj TouchNice, Maxilla Blue materialized from a bluish tinged gaseous substance somewhere between here and there in the year of 2006, engulfing minds and contorting bodies during the spontaneous formation.

For more about Maxilla Blue:

Maxilla Blue

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The mission of the Gilchrist Foundation is to carry out the philanthropy established by the Gilchrist family. The emphasis is on fostering the long-term viability of the charity and enabling special projects rather than supplying short-term operating funds.

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