Best of 2016, featuring Sara

Context: Our marketing team asked each employee to put together a “Best of 2016” list. It’s a vague, 100% personal, unique list that helps you-the customer- get to know our staff and see a little bit about what we’ve been reading, watching, playing or doing when we’re not behind the counter making your coffee. The following is the list given to us by Sara! Sara is friendly and joyful. She works mostly afternoons and weekends when she’s not busy helping produce a show in NWC’s theatre department. You should ask her about Alice in Wonderland sometime. Also if you didn’t know, Douglas is her brother.


This year I took it upon myself to watch tons of movies. So I spent way too many days and nights in bed watching netflix. Here is an almost full list I watched:
1. Star Trek + Star Trek: Into Darkness
2. Princess Bride (My go-to feel good)
3. Jane Eyre (the one I was avoiding)
4. Heathers (Teens + Murder!)
5. The Last 5 Years (Musical!)
6. Pulp Fiction (Yes Please!)
7. Gasland: A wonderful documentary about the destruction of private land + water supplies for natural gas production
8. Culture High: another documentary on pot culture + the future of it


I’ve been playing catch-up with most of the series’ that everyone has been done with for years
1. Gilmore Girls + the new series
2. Bones (Science!)
3. Supernatural
4. Z Nation


I listen to music when I do my homework so alot of it has tot do with what I’m doing at the time.
1. German Rap: I don’t know any of the the names, but I listen to them while I do my German HW
2. Jazz: when I read. It’s quite relaxing.
3. 21 Pilots when I clean
4. Florence + The Machine: She is my Queen.
I haven’t really tried any new stuff.

A lot of these are from Lit classes.
1. When the Emperor Was Divine
2. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
3. Lots of Poetry + Plays (more than I can count)
4. 13 Reasons Why
5. Eleanor & Park, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
6. It’s Kind of a Funny Story

1. Hamilton + Hamilton Mixtape
2. Slam Poetry
3. Really sad puppy videos

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