Best of 2016, featuring Corey

Context: Our marketing team asked each employee to put together a “Best of 2016” list. It’s a vague, 100% personal, unique list that helps you-the customer- get to know our staff and see a little bit about what we’ve been reading, watching, playing or doing when we’re not behind the counter making your coffee. The following is the list given to us by Corey. Corey works a couple of nights a week, usually while his wife, Amanda is baking amazing baked things. He likes to listen to rad music and talk about psychology and nutrition. What a nerd, amirite?


· Pinegrove (artist) -cardinal (album)

· Modern baseball- Holy Ghost

· Desaparacidos- payola


· He Never Died

· The Barkley Marathons (Documentary)

· Soaked in Bleach (Documentary)

TV shows

· Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

· Black Mirror

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